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¿ 一九六三年生于四川内江。¿玮自幼喜画,曾从师邱笑秋先生,继而博采众家,学习国画花鸟、山水。曾遍游四川名山、小镇,对巴山蜀水情有独钟。八五年赴新疆、æ煌等地写生,游丝绸之路,眼界大开,在粗犷而远古的西部文化熏陶下,¿玮的创作渐渐步入一个新的天地。 九三年以来,¿玮又深入到龙泉山峦及九峰山脉的森林之中去捕捉大自然壮美而神奇的风采,并试图用新的绘图语言去确立自己的艺术风格,引起了画坛的广为关注。
Liu Zhengwei
Born in Neijiang, Sichuan Province in 1963, Zhengwei was fond of drawings and has had learned drawings from Mr. Qiu Xiaoqiu. He has acquired different techniques from various genre during studying Chinese Traditional Painting and landscape painting. Having been visited famous mountains and towns in Sichuan, Zhengwei found it to be his favorite. Besides, Zhengwei's paintings enter a new world due to his travels in Western areas including Xinjiang, Dunhuang, 'Silk Road' in 1985, which broadened his views. Since 1993, Zhengwei has been visiting Long Quan Mountains and Jiu Feng Mountains for the majestic and mysterious natural beauty and begins to form and establish his own painting style using his new interpretation in painting which causes widespread attention in painting art circle.
  1997 下山后由中国香港国际藏学会出版《刘¿玮彩墨作品选》
  1998 应书法家曾来德先生之邀到北京创建艺术中心,此后绘画艺术走上一个全新的道路。
  1999 在北京华夏艺术中心举办世纪末五人画展
2001 在北戴河创办¿玮文化艺术中心
2002 《美术研究》二期刊登专题介绍文章深沉的美--谈刘¿玮的画并刊登作品两幅。5月参加北大举办的当代中国书画名家作品邀请展9月回四川,在四川美术馆举办家山回望--¿玮艺术展。由中国香港东方艺术中心和四川中国画研究院出版《家山回望--¿玮画选》。
  2003 在北京市昌平区王府家庭农场创建工作室,潜心研究后创造全新中国淡墨、淡彩中国山水画,其主要思想是以传统禅宗思想和当今西方文化的结合 2008年出版大型画册痕迹
2011 中信集团聘为中信艺术总监 同时创建刘¿玮艺术工作室于北京市朝阳区光华西里甲5号刘¿玮工作室
1997 Published Liu Zhengwei Color Ink Selected Works
1998 Set up Art Center, invited by Calligrapher Zeng Laide
1999 Hold End of Century Five-People Paintings Exhibition
2001 Founded Liu Zhengwei Culture & Art Center
2002 Published an professional introductory article'Profound Beauty - Discussion on Liu Zhengwei's Paintings' and two works on Art Research Phase II. In May, he attended 'Contemporary Chinese Master Calligraphers and Painters Exhibition''. In September, Zhengwei hold 'Back Home - Liu Zhengwei's Paintings'in Sichuan Art Gallery. China Hongkong Oriental Art Center and Chinese Painting Research Institute of Sichuan published 'Back Home - Liu Zhengwei's Selected Paintings'.
2003 Established studio in Royal Family Farm, Changping, Beijing and created a brand new Chinese light ink and light color Chinese landscape painting after concentrated studies. His main ideology is a combination of traditional zen thought and western cultures. He published a large album of paintings - Hen Ji.
2011 Employed as Art Director by CITIC and meanwhile founded Liu Zhengwei Art Studio at Jia No. 5, Guanghua Xili, Chaoyang District, Beijing