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Zeyu Dong董泽宇

 Zeyu Dong, Han, styled Dizhi,Dixin,  nicknamed Zebaotangzhuren,coarse clothes scholar. He was born in year 1980 in Chengde , Hebei Province, ancestral home is Shandong.

 He is an excellent  calligrapher, painter and writer.

 Some artist evaluate that his works  extremely collection value and have great potential for appreciation .

 Especially the  cursive writing works of length of tens meters “Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra”,”Sushi`s words ”,”MaoTse-tung's poetic ”,”Unconstraint poetic”,”Poetry of the Tang Dynasty”, “Own made poetic ”etc. were collected by government leader and famous company and enterprisers. Many top leaders also present him the precious writing of art studio name and paintings.

 In year 2009, he finished  the novel named “Snow flower love letter” . And the essay covers 100 thousands words.